You are locked in a cage. Across from you, wearing 4-ounce gloves, stands a professional fighter. The bell rings, he is staring in your direction as he moves quickly toward you… Can you imagine the adrenaline you would feel being in an octagon facing a real fighter?

Welcome to the MMA Experience, a new, fun activity that’s perfect for fans, vacationers, and families looking for a new experience they’ll love telling their friends back home about.

We will put you in the cage with a real MMA fighter and simulate a real fight. No one will get hurt. No one will throw any punches or kicks (except for you). And what’s really awesome: you’ll learn several self-defense and MMA techniques that you can use the rest of your life.

Whether you’ve previously practiced martial arts or it’s your first time, you are encouraged to participate in this unique MMA experience. Inside the Octagon, you are going to face a professional fighter in an authentic MMA environment. During this exciting hour-long session, you will learn more about MMA history and practice jiu-jitsu and wrestling techniques before you start sparring.

  • You don’t need any gear. We will provide you with everything you need. You can show up with just shorts and a t-shirt.

  • All ages are welcome.

  • You’ll have 60 minutes to feel the fighter’s adrenaline and have a whole lot of fun.

  • Plus, we’ll send you home with a free, official American Top Team t-shirt to remember your experience.

    We guarantee this is something you’ll remember the rest of your life!