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My name is Henrique Gama Filho, 35 years old, graduated 3rd degree Black Belt under Master Francisco “Toco” Albuquerque, Carlson Gracie’s first lineage Black belt (direct student) and owner of NOVA GERAÇÃO JIU JITSU, a very well succeeded 2 times BJJ brazilian National team champions, Brown and Black belt category. 

I come from one of the most traditional families in martial arts from Brasil, my father (deceased 13 years ago) grandmaster Pedro Gama Filho, was one of the main developers of martial arts in our country; as a personal friend of many members of the world acclaimed Gracie Family, specially with Grandmaster Carlson Gracie, with whom He build a life lasting friendship, getting to know, and becoming good friends with some of the master’s greattest students, owner of ATT (American Top Team). We can easily say that my father was one of the main parts to build the combat sports scene, that we have nowadays in Brasil, exporting champions and great coaches of BJJ and other martial arts worldwide.

As Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judô and Karate, my father always believed in the combination “Sports + Education”. Through my family’s University in Rio de Janeiro (Gama Filho University) He supported many national, state and local champions achieve their full potential, giving them the opportunity to study with full scholarship, a system he copied from the US educational system itself, and that seemed to work. Just fine having the Gama Filho University dominated the BJJ, Judô and Karate tournaments (to name a few, they had many other sports) as the nation’s best teams for more than a decade. My father was also the founder of the Gama Filho BJJ team, nowadays known as GFTeam, one of the biggest and strongest teams worldwide, with names like BJJ’s multiple world champion Rodolfo Vieira defending their flag. He also started the non-profit association Project called REAÇÃO (“reaction” in english) where kids from the Rio’s favelas could train and learn with Brazilian Judô Bronze medallist Flavio Canto, and other great Judô and BJJ champions. This Project created by my father has given Brazil many Olympians in Judô, and even a World and Olympic Judô Champion, Rafaella Silva.

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